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Pharmaceutical intermediates and building blocks

Chiralstar offers a wide range of advanced and novel intermediates worldwide pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical drug research development. New compounds are constantly added to our product list. Our broad types of advanced intermediates, including novel amines, natural and unnatural amino acids, ketones, aldehyde, heterocycles, boroinc acids and chiral intermediates can significantly accelerate your drug research process.

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Compound libraries for drug discovery screen

We have considerable expertise in designing single compound libraries for general screen, ligand-based or receptor-based targeted libraries for lead generation and lead optimization. These libraries are carefully synthesized using novel chemistries and scaffolds uniquely possessed by Anichem to create great structural diversity as well as optimal physiological properties.

We can also work together with our customers to follow the strict given instructions for libraries synthesis. Our unique libraries can be sold to our customers both on exclusive and non-exclusive bases. Our experts can help you in designing a library and building up a custom library both on exclusive and non-exclusive bases of any size. Please contact us for further detailed information